Embroidered Panda

I learned sewing from my Grandpa. He was my favorite person in the world, and he always called me “Amanda Panda” which my friends caught onto. All my best friends call me "Panda" now. That’s me with my grandparents as a baby panda! Grandpa had this sewing machine that popped up from under a table, and he would cut his sweatshirts into short-sleeves and hem them. These sweatshirts were the best, and I always snuck them from his room so I could wear them! When I moved away from home, he gave me his favorite sweatshirt. Now that he's passed, I wear it whenever I need a hug from him.

I believe that quality clothing and skilled sewing can last a lifetime, giving hugs to those we care about for many years. Because of this, I love creating fun, embroidered projects for my friends, so when they started getting married and having kids, I started creating pieces for their little ones. Now I do personalized onesies, wedding handkerchiefs, pet portraits - and more! If you have an idea, I will do my best to create it, and I will try to source the materials in as ethical a way as possible. I use shirts and onesies from brands known for their transparent factories and organic processes, and I source fabric from recyclers keeping fabric out of landfills. I believe we should try to leave the world a better place than we found it, and with as many hugs as possible.

- Amanda “Panda” Farrell, HPIC (Head Panda in Charge)

Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.
— Alice Walker

The Idea

What started as an exchange between friends who create and care for each other has become Embroidered Panda. They say, "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back." To me, success means creating beauty and kindness in this world, and sharing it with you. And this truly would not have happened without the women in my life encouraging and nurturing this Panda along the way.

Style & Quality

I believe in making products that do as little harm to this earth and her people as possible. That's why I source responsibly whenever possible. I look for high quality, ethically produced, and sustainably sourced materials on which to embroider.

Quality takes time, and I believe we should pay people for their labor and avoid exploitative practices in the clothing industry. Disposable fashion and bad attitudes do not look good on pandas!

100% Handmade

All the embroidery you see is handmade by these two panda paws, with love - and a little mischief!

Sometimes it takes a little extra time to source responsible products and make a quality item. If your piece takes a little extra time, that just means it's extra special -- like you!